The school opened in January 2003 with just one class of 30 children; however, by 2004 we had reached the full capacity of the building we were renting and decided to build a new school. We were given a plot of land of approximately 2 acres by the Gambian Government.  After about a year of dealing with the Gambian Bureaucracy we finally got all the paperwork sorted out and, after local men had cleared the site, we started building in December 2004. The clearing of the site was a priority as, in order to establish ownership, the plot had to have been cleared and a wall built around it within 12 months of receiving it.

All the building work was done by the families of the children at the school. The bricks were made by hand using sand and cement put into a mould and then left out in the sun to dry. Owing to there being no mains drainage in most of the Gambia, two huge cesspits for sewage were required and these had to be built before the main building work could be started. The team of parents worked extremely fast and, amazingly, managed to complete the main structure by 20th April 2005, a mere four months after commencement.

The new school opened its doors in July 2005, with the official opening ceremony taking place on 28th November 2005 in front of the charity trustees and sponsors who had travelled to The Gambia to attend.

With phase 2 complete the school was able to take 180 children between the ages of 5 and 10 across six classes; however, by September 2006 we had again reached full capacity and were looking at implementing phase 3 of our long term goal of educating children up to the age of 17, at which point they may sit a Gambian further education entrance exam.

Four further classrooms, a library, a toilet block and a teacher’s room were constructed in a second building on the site which opened in November 2007 and which increased our capacity to accommodate 300 children in total.

In May 2010 we completed the building of a new classroom block on the existing site for an Upper Basic School. This consists of a building incorporating six classrooms, which includes amongst others, a Science room and a computer room. The school teaches three years of secondary education, from ages 14 through to 17, with specialist teachers for Maths, English, Science, Social & Environment Studies as well as a range of other subjects. The Upper School opened its doors in September 2010, taking those children that have completed Grade 6 and are working towards the Gambian National Exam. The official opening ceremony took place on 9th February 2011. In 2012 we completed the building of a small school hall. This was the final stage in our building plan.